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location of harmon sisters' house

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This is the location of the Harmon Sisters' cabin. The cabin was torn down in the mid 1970's to make way for the expansion of Woodberry Forest. Aaron Ln was extended two blocks to the west of Woodberry Dr. Harmon Ct was also added off of the new branch of Aaron Ln. Both streets end with a cul-de-sac.

The cabin was located where the house at 2575 Aaron Ln currently sits.

The original branch of Aaron Ln is about one block long and is not part of Woodberry Forest at all. It is accessible from Allen Easley Dr (formerly Faculty Dr, North) located on the campus of WFU where Faculty Apartments are located. This original portion of Aaron Ln and its side street, Belle Vista Ct, were originally intended to be one street (Belmont Ct) connected to Rosedale Cr and considered part of Oak Crest.

W C Aaron and his wife Rosa Anna purchased the land in 1943. Mr Aaron passed away in 1952 and Mrs Aaron negotiated with Wake Forest to have the property connected to Faculty Dr, making two streets instead of one as originally planned. Aaron Ln is, of course, named after the owners of the property. Belle Vista Ct is named after the Aaron's daughter, Belle Aaron Montgomery.

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