a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

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189 crepe myrtle - being demolished

This little house that sits behind 187 Crepe Myrtle Cr was demolished on January 24, 2008.

Maple Springs United Methodist Church purchased the property in October 2006 . At this time, I do not know what Maple Springs plans to do with the property.

Both houses are located on the same property which was purchased by Ray E and Jennie L Cornelius in 1946. From what I have been told by neighbors, the Cornelius’s first built this little house (189) right after WWII. At that time building materials were very hard to get. Much of the house was built out of salvaged building materials. It was a cute little cinder block house that was painted white.

The Cornelius’s lived in this little house until after their children were born. Then in 1950 the larger house (187) was built in front of it and the family moved in it. Since then, this little house has been used as a rent house and was even occupied until just a few weeks ago.

Since the Cornelius’ passed away, their family had rented both houses for a while before finally selling the property to the church.

This type of building pattern seemed to be common Oak Crest. First a little house or garage/apartment was built and the family lived in it until they could afford to build their dream house. Then the smaller house was used as a rental unit. It is a clear indication that Oak Crest was a highly desirable neighborhood and that families planned on staying here for good. In fact, there are some families that remain in OC that have been here since the 1920’s.

Over the years Oak Crest has lost several houses. I think it’s sad and hate to see any of them demolished. As we anticipate historic designation in the near future, I feel it is important that we as a community take a stand and try to keep the demolition and deterioration of our neighborhood to a minimum. Each house we lose is a piece of history lost.

Photo courtesy Helen Etters

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