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125 & 135 harmon ~ shared driveway

block / lot(s)
1872 / 011 and 012

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
R P Newman ~ 2/4/1928
Howard Warden ~ 4/18/1931
J W Horn and w/Pearl ; A G Logan, Jr ~ 2/9/1937 (lot 11 added to 125 harmon and 12 added to 135 harmon)

Originally this was just a lot between the two houses. Eventually it was divided and became part of the properties on either side 125 and 135 Harmon. I listed the owners above for when it was a single lot.

This is one of several shared driveways in Oak Crest. This particular one is "Y" shaped. When I was a child it was gravel. It really has not changed over the years except that it was paved in the 1970's or 80's.

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