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124 harmon

year built 1979

house style:

block / lot(s)
1874 / 034, 035, and 036

owner ~ purchase date
Mrs W T Sprinkle ~ 9/24/1927
J Hugh Davis and w/Helen H ~ 4/25/1946
Billy Gordon Edwards ~ 7/19/1977
Randall P Marchelletta (1/2 int) ~ 9/21/1928 ~ this date makes no sense
Robert A Hedin and w/Carolyn A ~ 8/14/1980
Mark E Welker and w/S S ~ 12/12/1986
? ~ 3/31/1993
? ~ 8/13/1996
? ~ 7/9/1999
David A Cable ~ 2/20/2004
Edward A Kearney & Allison C Kearney ~ 3/17/2008
Wake Houses LLC ~ 3/16/2009

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~

When I was growing up this was just a vacant lot. It was mostly dirt and trees and some overgrowth at the back of the lot. What was interesting is that a small chicken coop sat on the lot.

To us kids in the neighborhood, it was "the clubhouse". My brother, Floyd, (9 years older than me) used to play here as well.

To the best of my memory it was about 8x8 feet. It had a hip roof and a cement floor. It had vertical board siding that was white on the outside and sort of a blue/green on the inside. It had a door on the back side and boarded up windows (no glass) on the other 3 sides. There were cracks between the boards, so you could see if anyone was coming.

It was located about where the right back corner of the house sits now. There was a gate to the back yard next door at 136 Harmon (Mrs Price's house) that was almost in line of the back wall of the clubhouse. Large oak trees surrounded the clubhouse. I remember one very large tree right in front of the door. The center of the lot was clear. I also remember one tree having a basketball hoop.

In my generation it was the guys vs. the girls. The guys would have it for a while until the girls kicked us out. After they had it a while, us guys took it back over.

The guys: Me (Kent Strupe), Eric Siceloff, Gray Cartwright, Jr, Pat & Kevin Bragg, and Steve Rose.

The girls: Candy Scott, Lynn Siceloff, Kathryn Hart, Kelly Turner, and Laura Lackey.

It was really nice having a place like this to play. I will always have fond memories of "the clubhouse".

If anyone reads this that may have photos of it, please contact me. I would love to have a copy to post in the vintage photos section.

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