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116 harmon

year built 1936

house style:

block / lot(s)
1874 / 039, 040, and 041

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
E H Hunter ~ 5/5/1928
L V Scott, Jr for N C Hines ~ 4/4/1931
R L Mayberry and w/M P ~ 7/3/1936
Wm J Sands and w/Ethel R ~ 3/11/1940
Josephine S Hayes ~ 6/5/1943 ? or 1942
W A Hunt and w/Margaret R ~ 5/10/1944
Hiram S Cody, Jr ~ 10/15/1945
Cody Realty and Mtge Co ~ 3/28/1946
John W Lewis and w/Doris W ~ 11/8/1947
Hanie N Speas and w/C W ~ 9/29/1955
Catherine Speas ~ 10/11/1955
Wm B Wishon ~ 1/22/1957
E N Richards Inc/Castle Co Inc ~ 9/25/1963
W M Cartwright and w/Sallie S ~ 6/8/1964
Sallie S Cartwright ~ 1975
Kyle G Moore and w/Catherine R ~ 6/13/1985
Kyle Grayson Moore ~ 1/27/1987
Melissa J Pace ~ 5/22/1987
Shanna L Swing & Anthony R Goad ~ 12/22/1992
Anthony R Goad & Shanna L Swing ~ 1/1/1993
Alma Craddock Watson ~ 12/5/1995

This house has changed hands many times over the years. But the most significant owners that relate to the history of Oak Crest so far are Hanie and Catherine Speas who lived her from 1955 - 57 and Walter and Sallie Cartwright from 1964 - 85.

Even though Hanie Speas lived here for a brief time, he is significant because while living here he was visited by his brother, Wray Speas, and his family in 1955. Wray had been living in New York City and was looking to relocate back to his home town. While visiting his brother Hanie, Wray discovered the house next door, 1322 Polo at the corner, that was in the process of being built. So, he purchased the house and moved his wife and daughter here.

This house was also home to Walter and Sallie Cartwright from 1964 - 85 (until each of their deaths). Walter had been the caretaker and tended the land of Sunnynoll Farm. The house at 1551 Polo Rd (no longer standing) was built for him and Sallie by Edgar Davis in 1925 when he built the farm. The Davis' and Cartwright's were all from Yadkin County originally and their families knew one another. Mr Davis hired Mr Cartwright to take care of the farm. After he retired, he and Sallie moved into this house.

We knew the Cartwright’s simply as "Ginpaw" and "Grandma" Cartwright. I remember Ginpaw always wearing overalls and a sun hat. He used to tend a very nice vegetable garden across the street where 119 Harmon is now located. That lot then belonged with 1404 Polo and was owned by Nettie Ledford. She lived in Hayesville with her brother, so Ginpaw looked after the property and maintained the garden. Neighbors did that sort of thing for each other in those days.

Mr Cartwright passed away in the early to mid 1970's and Grandma Cartwright remained in the house, later taking on a housemate, known to us as "Grandma West". (Mrs West was their son, Howard Cartwright's, mother-in-law. Howard and his wife, Edna, then lived at 131 Rosedale Cr, both now deceased.) The two “Grandma's” lived here for as long as they were able. I believe Mrs West passed away first, then later Mrs Cartwright. The house was sold in 1985.

The Speas and Cartwright families are a good illustration of multiple generations of families who have lived in Oak Crest.

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