a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

139 harmon ~ 1967.jpg
139 harmon ~ 1967114 viewsThis is the way I first remember this house. Arden and Glenda Lackey purchased the house in 1967. Since then they have made several additions and changed the windows and siding.

Photo courtesy Arden Lackey
1403 polo ~ 1951.jpg
1403 polo ~ 1951109 viewsThis view of 1403 Polo shows the driveway on the right side of the house. A separate garage/shed was behind the house. A new garage was added to left side of the house along with a new driveway. The old garage/shed was torn down in the 1990's by the current owner.

Photo courtesy T C Farthing
1403 polo ~ 1951 - 2.jpg
1403 polo ~ 1951 - 2105 viewsThis house was built in 1930 as a small frame house. Paul Yow lived in this house from 1935 - 1945. Then, because he could not grow a good garden, he moved across the street to 1408 Polo. There he grew the best vegetables. He used to set up a table in the front yard and sell fresh tomatos. Luckily, we were priviledged to enjoy lots of delicous vegetables from his garden. Mr Yow passed away in June, 1984 just after making his routine morning check in the garden he loved so much.

Notice the shed/garage behind the house. The left side was a shed and the garage was on the right side. Then there was a tiny addition on the right side of the garage for storage also. There is also a well right in front of the shed window. The shed/garage is no longer standing and the well was either capped off below ground or filled in.

Photo courtesy T C Farthing
1403 polo ~ 1951 - 3.jpg
1403 polo ~ 1951 - 3107 viewsAnother view of 1403 Polo around 1951 before the Farthings made the addition to the house. The Farthings bought an additional 50 feet on the west side of their lot to accomodate the addition.

See photos of the Farthing's in the Oak Crest Residents section.

Photo courtesy T C Farthing
1403 polo ~ early 1950's after addition.jpg
1403 polo ~ early 1950's after addition113 viewsThis is the house after the Farthings added on to the existing house. The addition was made in the early 1950's. Notice the detached garage behind the house. It is no longer standing.

See photos of the Farthing's in the Oak Crest Residents section.

Photo courtesy T C Farthing
1404 polo ~ mrs yow (393 x 600).jpg
1404 polo - mrs yow103 viewsI am not sure when this photo was made, but I would guess it was after the Yow's moved from 1403 to 1408 Polo. This is Marie Yow standing at the front corner of 1404 Polo by the living room window.

Photo courtesy Candy Warner
1408 polo (600 x 337).jpg
1408 polo94 viewsI am not sure of the date of this photo, probably late 1950's or the 1960's. Notice that shingles now cover the wood siding and gutters have been added. Also notice the front porch is screened.

Photo courtesy Candy Warner
1408 polo ~ mr & mrs yow (493 x 600).jpg
1408 polo - mr & mrs yow93 viewsI am not sure about the date of this photo either. It is of Paul and Marie Yow at the back corner of their house. The basement window of 1404 Polo is in the background. Mrs Yow seems to be telling Mr Yow how to trim the bush!

Mr Yow was a Grayhound bus driver and Mrs Yow was a seamstress for the Reynolds, Gray, and Hanes families.

Photo courtesy Candy Warner
1408 polo ~ neighborhood girls (600 x 423).jpg
1408 polo - neighborhood girls ~ 1940?103 viewsI believe this photo was made around 1940?. These were some of the neighborhood girls. From left to right standing: unknown, Barbara Caudle, sitting: JoAnn Fox, Carolyn Yow. JoAnn Fox lived up the street at 1317 Polo. I will ask around and see if I can identify the unknown girl.

Notice the well beside the girls. This well appears to be new and, I believe, is the well for the house at 1414 Polo (I remember a well in that location for 1414). This photo was made in the afternoon (shadows), but the house at 1414 is not casting a shadow on the girls, so this must have been just prior to 1414 being constructed, which was 1940.

Also, prior to 1414 being built, the Caudles lived at 1408 Polo and the Yows lived at 1403 Polo. Mr Caudle, a builder, built the little house at 1414 and moved his family in it while the larger house was being built. Then the Yows moved across the street to this house at 1408. Confusing huh?! At this point I am not sure who lived where.

One other thing to note here in this photo is that 1408 has wood siding instead of shingles. There also appears to be a mound of dirt by the car and just to the right of where the girls are sitting, which might indicate the construction of 1414.

Photo courtesy Candy Warner
1408 polo ~ carolyn yow ~ 1950_s - Copy.jpg
1408 polo ~ carolyn yow ~ 1950's107 viewsI believe this photo was made in the mid - late 1950's. Carolyn Yow is standing by a tree in the front yard of 1408 Polo. In the background 1414, 1420, and 1426 Polo can all be seen. 1426 Polo, the newest of these houses, was built in 1955 and it is barely visible in the distance.

Also, notice the porch column on 1408 Polo with its brick base and tapering wooden upper half. These columns were later removed and the porch was screened in. Then even later, the porch was opened up with new slim columns and railing as it is today.

Photo courtesy Candy Warner
1408 polo ~ mr yow_s garden ~ 1973 - Copy.jpg
1408 polo ~ mr yow's garden ~ 1973107 viewsPaul Yow stands proudly in his hearty garden in his back yard at 1408 Polo Rd. Just behind Mr Yow and to the right is a little walkway (grassy hump) that separates his garden from Walter Cartwright's garden in the background. Mr Cartwright's house (116 Harmon Av) can also be seen across the steet from his garden, as well as 118 Harmon. Mr Cartwright's light blue early 1960's model Ford Fairlane (maybe a Falcon) is sitting in the driveway in front of his garage (no longer standing).

Mr Cartwright's garden was located where the house at 119 Harmon now stands. At the time that lot was part of 1404 Polo and owned by Nettie Ledford.

I grew up eating lots of vegetables out of Mr Yow's garden. He always had tons of tomatoes, especially those big juicy ones where one slice would cover a piece of bread for the best tomato sandwich. He would also set up a little table in the front yard and had a scale and sold his extra tomatoes and other vegetables by the pound. There was never a shortage of customers.

Photo courtesy Candy Warner
1409 polo before house - 1415 & 1425 in background ~ 1952 resized.jpg
1409 polo before house - 1415 & 1425 in background ~ 1952106 viewsMrs Farthing holding her youngest daughter, Vicky. The vacant lot behind her is the site where my house, 1409 Polo, now stands. 1415 Polo is in the background and a portion of 1425 Polo (window with white shutters) on the other side of 1415 Polo.

See addtional photos of the Farthing's in the Oak Crest Residents section.

Photo courtesy T C Farthing
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