a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

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davis' house ~ sunnynoll farm105 views* This house is not considered as part of the Oak Crest neighborhood. It is not located within the original Oak Crest boundries.
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history of sunnynoll133 viewsClick on the "fact sheet" to enlarge and then click on it again to enlarge even more to read.

This "fact sheet" contains the history of Sunnynoll Farm (corner of Reynolda and Polo Rds) and the Egbert L Davis family.

Courtesy Allen Tate Realtors
sunnynoll94 viewsThe name given by Mr Egbert Davis to their new farm in the country in 1925 because it was the highest point in the area - a sunny knoll.

For a more detailed history see the History of Sunnynoll in this section.
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sunnynoll 390 viewsMost of Sunnynoll Farm has been now either been donated or sold. The house was donated to Wake Forest University and they lease it to Allen Tate Realtors. The portion of the farm that was located just north of Polo Rd was sold and developed. Brighton Gardens, Sunnynoll Court office park, the Wachovia data center, and Crown Polo Apartments were all part of Sunnynoll Farm.

The only portion that is still owned by the Davis family is where the lake was located.
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sunnynoll farm ~ indian artifacts98 viewsThis is a portion of the Davis' farm that was once inhabited by Indians. This particular area, as photographed from the top of a hill, at one time contained a lot of Indian artifacts.
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sunnynoll lake99 viewsAt one time the Davis' had a beautiful lake (large pond) on their farm. It was a great swimming hole for the children and a great place for entertaining adults as well. They had a bathhouse, a picnic shelter, gazebo, mill house with a water wheel, wooden foot bridge, diving board, and a ladder leading out of the lake.

I have been told that they loved to entertain at the lake and really hosted some nice gatherings.

This photo, along with the following photos, are all that remain of this once beautiful serene lake and its amenities. The lake was fairly large (this is only a guess ~ 600' x 150' and maybe 30' deep). It is all dried up now except for a small stream running through it and one area near the dam with a small pool of water. This photo shows the lake bottom. The stream is visible on the lower left side.

An unfortunate incident in which a boy drowned around 1950 put a halt to grand activities and gatherings at the lake.

I will see if I can locate any vintage photos of the lake. I do have a 1951 arial view of it, but its on a very large map and I do not know how well it may copy. As always I will do my best to get a copy.
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