a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

carl nisbet by the old oak tree.jpg
carl nisbet by the old oak tree86 viewsCarl Nisbet, current owner of "The Oak Crest," stands beside the old oak tree that inspired the name "Oak Crest." Even though the tree is split down the middle and has now rotted, it really was one large tree. It was so large that it may even be old enough to have served as a landmark during the late 1700's when the Moravians traveled through here on the Bethabara to Salem road, which can be seen here in this photo (the indentation in front of Carl and the tree).
the oak crest.jpg
the oak crest103 viewsThe large hill in the background is the highest point deep in the Nisbet's woods. This is where the large oak tree, that Oak Crest supposedly gets its name from, is located. This hill is also the location for the Wilson Estate that consisted of a proposed mansion and formal gardens that Mayor William T. Wilson had planned to build (circa 1930's), but never did.

Photos of the formal entrance to the estate can be viewed in the "Freds Rd" album.
the oak crest 2.jpg
the oak crest 279 views
the old oak tree.jpg
the old oak tree82 viewsThis old oak tree would have been a focal point of the landscape of the Wilson Estate. The proposed mansion was to be located just a few yards from the tree.
the old oak tree 2.jpg
the old oak tree 278 views
the old oak tree 3.jpg
the old oak tree 381 viewsThis is the old oak tree. The back side has rotted out making it appear as if it were two trees. At one time the tree was struck by lightning and that “scar” in the middle is where it tried to heal itself. The tree is quite large in spite of how it may appear in this photo.
the old oak tree 4.jpg
the old oak tree 472 viewsThis is a view of the tree from the approximate location of the proposed mansion.
the old oak tree 5.jpg
the old oak tree 573 views
top of the oak crest.jpg
top of the oak crest76 viewsThis photo and the next few photos of the same title are a panoramic view of the top of "The Oak Crest."
top of the oak crest 2.jpg
top of the oak crest 274 views
top of the oak crest 3.jpg
top of the oak crest 371 views
top of the oak crest 4.jpg
top of the oak crest 471 views
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