a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

136 harmon56 viewsyear built 1939

house style:

block / lot(s)
1874 / 030, 031, 032, and 034

owner ~ purchase date
W L Nifong ~ 9/24/1927 (lots 30, 31, and 32 only)
Mrs W T Sprinkle ~ 9/24/1927 (lot 34 only)
J Hugh Davis and w/Helen H ~ 8/24/1939 (lots 30, 31, 32, and 33 from now on)
Harry Johnson Price, MD and w/C G ~ 2/8/1961
Carla G Price ~ 1966
Carla G Davis ~ 1/1/1980 (lists)
Harry G Price and w/Deborah ~ 9/11/1981
Wilson A Somerville, Jr and Bebe Kern Somerville ~ 4/12/1999

Hugh Davis (son of Richard Davis - Reynolda Rd) used to live in this house. The Davis' moved from this house to one they built on Reynolda Road next to where Hugh grew up. He owned and ran Crystal Lake.

Hugh Davis also owned the lot next door to this house where the house at 124 harmon now sits. At the time it was just a vacant lot with a little chicken coop on it. That little chicken coop became a "clubhouse" for all the neighborhood children. (read my comments for 124 harmon for more on the clubhouse).

Dr. Harry Price moved his family into this house next. He had a wife, Carla, and two children, Harry, Jr and Peggy. After Dr. Price's death, Mrs. Price lived here for many years.

Mrs Price loved children. Several of us children in the neighborhood became good friends with her. She also loved animals. She always had a dog and every one was named Prince. I remember hearing her say "Princey Price is so very nice!" when playing with her dog. (cont'd next photo)

Photo courtesy Helen Etters
136 harmon 247 views(cont'd from previous photo)
The Price's also had a farm in Pinnacle. Sometimes Mrs Price would take us to her farm to spend the day and have a picnic lunch.

Eventually Mrs Price downsized to a condo off Ransom Rd. Her son, Harry, and his wife, Debbie, bought the house and raised their family here.

Now Wilson and Bebe Somerville own the home. It still retains its original character and charm. It has a nice bay window in the living room and a very nice screen porch off the living room.

Outside there are lots of rock walls along the driveway and side yard. A huge chicken coop still remains in the back yard. It would make a perfect studio or workshop. When Hugh Davis owned this house he also owned the lot next door (124 Harmon) which had a chicken coop as well.

more later.....

Photo courtesy Helen Etters
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