a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

136 harmon ~ steps.jpg
136 harmon ~ steps47 views
136 harmon ~ wall.jpg
136 harmon ~ wall52 views
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136 harmon ~ wall 250 views
139 harmon46 viewsyear built 1941

house style:

block / lot(s)
1872 / 015 and 016, (lot 017 added later)

owner ~ purchase date
R G Watson ~ 9/24/1927
L V Scott, Jr for N C Hines ~ 4/4/1931
J E Hines ~ 8/8/1936
T Gray Tilley and w/Francis Y ~ 12/8/1939 (Q C D 12/27/1940)
J E Beal ~ 12/9/1965
Wesley A Lackey and w/G B ~ 11/18/1967
Wesley A Lackey ~ 1/1/1997
Wesley A Lackey & Glenda B Lackey ~ 1/1/2005

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~

See addtional photos of this house in the Vintage Photos section.

When this house was originally built in 1941, it had white shingles and only one story (see vintage photos section). I remember it like that. Arden and Glenda Lackey bought the house from the Beal's in 1967. They had a baby girl named Laura.

The changes all started around the mid 1970's when Mr Lackey enclosed the screened porch on the right to make an office. Then the roof was raised on the back and the attic became a second floor. The next addition was a sunroom on the back. Then the siding was redone to its present look. Still charming and cozy with a rustic appeal. I spent many hours playing at this house when I was a child.

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Photo courtesy Helen Etters
139 harmon - gazebo41 viewsThis portion of 139 Harmon was purchased separately by different owners and dates. Additionally, this list of owners and dates also applies to about 30 feet of what is now 147 Harmon.

block / lot(s)
1872 / 017

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
T E Thacker ~ 2/4/1928
J R Gentry and w/Martha ~ 10/20/1928
Annie E Fulk ~ 1/17/1948
T Gray Tilley and w/Francis V ~ 1/10/1949
Jay E Beal ~ 8/2/1966
Wesley A Lackey and w/G B ~ 11/18/1967

This gazebo area used to be a small fenced in area complete with a swing set and sand box. Laura Lackey and I used to play here as children. What was once a perfect play area for children is now a perfect relaxing area for grown ups.

Photo courtesy Helen Etters
147 harmon.jpg
147 harmon41 viewsyear built 1960

house style:

block / lot(s)
1872 / 018, 019, and 020(B) (lot 020 later split into 20A and 20B)

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
W L and J H Johnson ~ 2/4/1928
J H Johnson ~ 9/14/1931
Mrs J H Johnson ~ 1944
W L Johnson, Jr and w/Nina F ~ 6/1/1948
Carl R Marshall and w/Annie W ~ 3/24/1950 (Q C D 8/22/1960)
Carol Marie Trivette and Glenn Mansfield Fisher ~ 5/4/2006

Carl and Annie Marshall built this house and moved here from the house next door at 155 Harmon.

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154 harmon.jpg
154 harmon46 viewsyear built 1937

house style:

block / lot(s)
1873 / 024, 025, 026, 027, 028, and 029

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
Claud C Billings ~ 7/9/1923 (lot 27 only)
O W Baynes ~ 5/5/1928 (all lots 24 - 29)
Lillian Minish Harrington ~ 5/14/1928
S J Croft and w/Kathleen G ~ 5/15/1928 (lots 28 and 29 only)
Guerny P Hood (Bank of Stokes Co) ~ 6/29/1932 (lists) (lots 24 - 27 only)
S C Ogburn ~ 6/?/1936 (from Bank of Stokes - lots 24 - 27 only)
R T Davis ~ 8/17/1936 (lots 24 - 27 only)
Harry T Davis and w/Minnie L ~ 3/9/1937 (lots 24 - 27 only)
R T Davis ~ 11/14/1938 (lots 28 & 29 only)
Harry T Davis and w/Minnie L ~ 8/19/1940 (lots 28 & 29 only)
E A Hutchins and w/Irene I ~ 1/3/1944 (all lots 24 - 29 from now on)
D T Joyner and w/Sarah L ~ 3/22/1947
Eugenia Park McNew ~ 5/7/1948
Wesley A Lackey and Glenda B Lackey ~ 12/23/1991

See addtional photos of E K McNew in the Vintage Photos section.

What a charming bungalow style cottage. It screams character inside and out!

This is absolutely my favorite house on Harmon and one of my favs in Oak Crest. In 1948 this house was purchased by Eugenia McNew. Her father, E K McNew, the well known principal of Old Town School (when it was a high school) lived with her. She was a school teacher at Mineral Springs High School.

Ms McNew pretty much kept to herself and was very reclusive, but was very nice and fun to talk to if you ever saw her. I remember her well and thought very highly of her.

Her mother was killed in a car accident when Eugenia was very small. Since Mr McNew never remarried and they had no other family in the area, it was only the two of them.

Eugenia loved the outdoors. She liked to hunt and fish and was an excellent markswoman from what I have been told.

Eugenia and her father looked very much alike. I have posted a photo of him in the Vintage Photos section. Imagine him with shoulder length brown hair (pulled back in the front) and glasses and you have Eugenia. She was even named after her father, Eugene.

When she could no longer look after herself, she went to a nursing home and the house was sold. Mr Lackey from across the street (139 harmon) purchased the house in 1991.

The reason I love this house is because, first of all, its very charming. Everything about it is original. Nothing has been changed. Original floor plan, rope and pulley windows, exterior siding, hardwood floors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, exterior rock wall along driveway, beautiful corner lot, and original curb from when Harmon was a boulevard style street.

This house would be an excellent restoration project. It is a true original and one of a kind. To a historic preservationist, it's a dream. This is vintage Oak Crest at its finest!
154 harmon ~ old curb & gutter.jpg
154 harmon ~ old curb & gutter43 viewsThis is the original curb and gutter from when Harmon was a boulevard style street.

Harmon was originally designed as a boulevard. It had a center median with grass and trees. When the residents requested that the street be paved, the city would only agree to pave one side of it. So, instead, they took up the median and paved that area, giving the residents on each side of the street the portion of the old boulevard for an extended front yard. The evidence of the old road is still present as curbs, walls, and sidewalks that stop short of the present street.
154 harmon ~ shed.jpg
154 harmon ~ shed50 views
155 harmon.jpg
155 harmon53 viewsyear built 1935

house style:

block / lot(s)
1872 / 021, 022, and 023, (lot 020A added later)

owner ~ purchase date
R H Campbell ~ 9/24/1927
*L V Scott, Jr for N C Hines ~ 4/4/1931
J E Hines ~ 8/8/1936
J E Miller ~ 9/29/1936
W L Fulk ~ 2/18/1944
Thomas O Hauser and w/Irene F ~ 2/18/1944 (Q C D 12/19/1944)
Mattie Irvin Turner ~ 12/21/1944 (4/17/1945 ? )
Raymond A Sapp and w/Evelyn B ~ 6/19/1945
Carl R Marshall and w/Annie ~ 3/27/1947
J Edward Dunnagan and w/G R ~ 2/6/1961
Victor Faccinto ~ 6/21/1983
David B Helm & w/Janet E Carkeek ~ 10/23/1991
Matt W Ransom & Elizabeth D Holler ~ 7/10/1995
Leigh Somerville ~ 11/1/2002
Patricia Lynn Byrd ~ 4/13/2016

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~

Carl and Annie Marshall lived in this house from 1947 - 1960. They built a house next door at 147 Harmon.

Later, Edward and Gladys Dunnigan (222 Friendship Cr) owned this house from 1961 - 83 and rented it.

more later.....
hobart St & 139 harmon - gazebo52 viewsThis is Hobart St. It is a connector (alley) between Harmon Av and Rosedale Cr. Old maps and plats show it as Rosedale St. I am not sure where the name Hobart originated. The name was changed from Rosedale St to Hobart St on 8/5/1957.

This photo was taken from about the middle of Hobart looking west towards Harmon.

When I was growing up it had a tar and gravel surface. Some time in the late 1970's it was paved. Several years ago it was scheduled to be repaved, but the city wanted to widen it, which would require cutting all of the pretty trees along both sides of it and would spoil the beauty of a "natural tunnel" appearance. The neighbors urged the city to leave it alone. A good decision I think.

Photo courtesy Helen Etters
~ harmon av ~ view up street ~.jpg
~ harmon av ~ view up street ~60 viewsThis view of Harmon Av is from the end looking up towards Polo Rd. Only a little indication of the former boulevard is still visible such as the curb that is a few feet in the lawn on the right. Also, most of the trees and bushes are several feet off the street. At the end of the boulevard there was a break in the median where you could make a U turn to drive back up the other side towards Polo Rd. I have an arial photo of the boulevard from about 1950. I will see if i can get it in the photo gallery.
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