a pictorial tour of our neighborhood including histories of each home along with other interesting historical information

Most viewed - Harmon Av
116 harmon ~ eyebrow window.jpg
116 harmon ~ eyebrow window123 viewsI just love these little windows. It really adds character to this charming little house. I can see it from my house. Any time I think obout this house, this little eyebrow window always comes to mind. This is the only one of its kind in Oak Crest.
116 harmon 2.jpg
116 harmon 2109 viewsUnder the mound of ivy in the front yard is a beautiful rock wall. This is one of the remnants from when Harmon was a boulevard.

The driveway used to be one of those two cement tire strips with grass in the middle. I have always liked that style of driveway, it's very charming.

There was also a single car detached garage behind the house. A tree fell on it a few years ago and it was torn down.
116 harmon.jpg
116 harmon107 viewsyear built 1936

house style:

block / lot(s)
1874 / 039, 040, and 041

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
E H Hunter ~ 5/5/1928
L V Scott, Jr for N C Hines ~ 4/4/1931
R L Mayberry and w/M P ~ 7/3/1936
Wm J Sands and w/Ethel R ~ 3/11/1940
Josephine S Hayes ~ 6/5/1943 ? or 1942
W A Hunt and w/Margaret R ~ 5/10/1944
Hiram S Cody, Jr ~ 10/15/1945
Cody Realty and Mtge Co ~ 3/28/1946
John W Lewis and w/Doris W ~ 11/8/1947
Hanie N Speas and w/C W ~ 9/29/1955
Catherine Speas ~ 10/11/1955
Wm B Wishon ~ 1/22/1957
E N Richards Inc/Castle Co Inc ~ 9/25/1963
W M Cartwright and w/Sallie S ~ 6/8/1964
Sallie S Cartwright ~ 1975
Kyle G Moore and w/Catherine R ~ 6/13/1985
Kyle Grayson Moore ~ 1/27/1987
Melissa J Pace ~ 5/22/1987
Shanna L Swing & Anthony R Goad ~ 12/22/1992
Anthony R Goad & Shanna L Swing ~ 1/1/1993
Alma Craddock Watson ~ 12/5/1995

This house has changed hands many times over the years. But the most significant owners that relate to the history of Oak Crest so far are Hanie and Catherine Speas who lived her from 1955 - 57 and Walter and Sallie Cartwright from 1964 - 85.

Even though Hanie Speas lived here for a brief time, he is significant because while living here he was visited by his brother, Wray Speas, and his family in 1955. Wray had been living in New York City and was looking to relocate back to his home town. While visiting his brother Hanie, Wray discovered the house next door, 1322 Polo at the corner, that was in the process of being built. So, he purchased the house and moved his wife and daughter here.

This house was also home to Walter and Sallie Cartwright from 1964 - 85 (until each of their deaths). Walter had been the caretaker and tended the land of Sunnynoll Farm. The house at 1551 Polo Rd (no longer standing) was built for him and Sallie by Edgar Davis in 1925 when he built the farm. The Davis' and Cartwright's were all from Yadkin County originally and their families knew one another. Mr Davis hired Mr Cartwright to take care of the farm. After he retired, he and Sallie moved into this house.

We knew the Cartwright’s simply as "Ginpaw" and "Grandma" Cartwright. I remember Ginpaw always wearing overalls and a sun hat. He used to tend a very nice vegetable garden across the street where 119 Harmon is now located. That lot then belonged with 1404 Polo and was owned by Nettie Ledford. She lived in Hayesville with her brother, so Ginpaw looked after the property and maintained the garden. Neighbors did that sort of thing for each other in those days.

Mr Cartwright passed away in the early to mid 1970's and Grandma Cartwright remained in the house, later taking on a housemate, known to us as "Grandma West". (Mrs West was their son, Howard Cartwright's, mother-in-law. Howard and his wife, Edna, then lived at 131 Rosedale Cr, both now deceased.) The two “Grandma's” lived here for as long as they were able. I believe Mrs West passed away first, then later Mrs Cartwright. The house was sold in 1985.

The Speas and Cartwright families are a good illustration of multiple generations of families who have lived in Oak Crest.
~ harmon av ~.jpg
00 ~ harmon av ~102 viewsHarmon Avenue is one of the side streets off Polo Rd. It gets its name from the infamous Harmon Sisters who lived in a little cabin several hundred feet beyond the end of this street in what is now Woodberry Forest.

At one time Harmon Av was a boulevard style street with a center grassy median. In the 1950's when it was paved, the median was removed and that portion was paved, giving the residents on each side some additional front lawn space where the old road was located.
125 harmon ~ shed.jpg
125 harmon ~ shed100 viewsThis shed was actually a single car garage. Dan Bersch, former owner, added the open section on the left side and changed the garage doors to smaller doors. When I was growing up though, I never saw the garage being used for a car. The back yard has always been fenced in (as long as I can remember) with no gate access to the garage area.
118 harmon.jpg
118 harmon96 viewsyear built 1954

house style:

block / lot(s)
1874 / 037 and 038

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
C E Largen ~ 2/4/1928
L V Scott, Jr for N C Hines ~ 1/11/1930
J E Hines ~ 8/8/1936
J W Grogan, Jr ~ 12/8/1939
J Z Pfaff and w/Bess L ~ 1/31/1942
W U Matthews and w/Erna ~ 6/15/1954
Homer O Wilson and w/Mary B ~ 1/17/1955
Benjamin F Turner and w/Martha ~ 3/13/1973
Janis Myers Morrison ~ 7/27/1977
Janis M Krebs ~ 1/1/1983
Carl D Krebs and w/Janis 11/18/1986
? ~ 7/31/1998
Oak Crest Financial LLC ~ 4/27/2007
Williams Development Group LLC ~ 4/7/2015
John Homesley & Alana Homesley ~ 3/15/2018

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~

Homer and Mary Wilson lived in this house from 1955 - 73. He and John Hart were instrumental in getting Harmon paved, which changed it from the boulevard to a single street.

Ben and Sue Fox Turner lived here from 1973 - 77. Ben had two children from a previous marriage, Benji and Kelly. His wife, Sue, was the daughter of W C & Kathleen Fox who lived at 1317 Polo Rd.
125 harmon.jpg
125 harmon91 viewsyear built 1934

house style:

block / lot(s)
1872 / 009, 010, (lot 011 added later)

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
H L Hege ~ 2/4/1928
O N Baynes ~ 5/5/1928
R M Dunnagan ~ 6/27/1928
J W and Pearl Horn ~ 5/14/1929
J W Horn and w/Pearl ~ 2/9/1937 (lot 11 added)
Karl A Lambert and w/Marie ~ 5/5/1947 (lots 9, 10, and 11 from now on)
Chas A Spach, Jr and w/Mabel S ~ 7/19/1949
Graham L Smith and w/M E ~ 6/30/1964
Walter Ray Bell and w/M L ~ 6/21/1965
John W Sherrill and w/Ophelia ~ 10/26/1976
Raymond A Blevins, Jr and w/Suzanne ~ 1/25/1984
Sallie L O'Shaughnessy ~ 9/16/1994 ?
Jarrod L Whitaker and Sarah Nicole Whitaker ~ 9/27/2007

Charlie and Mabel Spach used to live in this house. Mrs. Spach now lives in nearby Long Acres as well as her daughter, Ann.

When I was growing up, the Bell's lived here. I remember the two big doberman pinchers they had in the fenced in back yard. I didn't dare go near them. they were viscious. Sometime in the late 1970's the Bells sold the house and moved to Wisconsin for a couple of years , then moved back to Winston-Salem.

Becky Sherrill was the next owner. She lived here for several years.
119 harmon.jpg
119 harmon88 viewsyear built 1999

house style:

block / lot(s)
1872 / 007(A) and 008(A), (originally was only lots 007 and 008; later changed to 007A, 007B, 008A, and 008B)

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed (lots 7 & 8)
O N Baynes ~ 5/5/1928
W E Butner and w ~ 8/20/1928
Nina L Tuttle ~ 2/26/1930
Joe H Brown - 9/22/1930
Theophilus A Crews and w/M P ~ 8/28/1936
H C Ledford and w ~ 7/27/1949 (lots 7A and 8A only)
Paul E Yow and w/Marie L ~ 7/27/1949 (lots 7B and 8B only)
Eunice Ledford ~ 1/1/1979 (lots 7A adn 8A only) (lists)
Candace Paige Scott ~ 1/1/1985 (lots 7B and 8B only)
Michael E Thompson ~ 8/12/1983 (lots 7A and 8A only)
Barbara L Grubbs ~ 3/4/1988 (lots 7B and 8B only ~ listed with 1408 Polo from now on)
George F Purvis & w/Charlene W ~ 3/17/1999 (lots 7A and 8A only from now on)
Michael Gray & Mary C Gray ~ 8/2/1999
Melvin G Scott and Diane H Scott ~ 8/1/2002
Diane H Scott and Melvin G Scott ~ 8/23/2007
Williams Development Group LLC ~ 5/7/2015
Century Income INC ~ 2/12/2018

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~
125_harmon 2.jpg
125 harmon 286 viewsNext, Dan Bersch and Sally O'Shaughnessy lived here for over 18 years. Dan did build an additonal bedroom and bathroom to the original house.

Now we welcome a new family to this house. Jarrod and Nicole Whitaker and their two children, Gabriel and Maya. It's nice to see a family with children back in the neighborhood.

Other than the addition that Dan made, the house still pretty much looks untouched. A classic bungalow of its time.

Photo courtesy Helen Etters
135 harmon.jpg
135 harmon85 viewsyear built 1930

house style:

block / lot(s)
1872 / 013 and 014, (lot 012 added later)

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
A G Logan, Jr ~ 2/4/1928
A G Logan, Jr ~ 2/9/1937 (lot 12 added)
O G Allen, Sr ~ ?/8/1944 (lots 12, 13, and 14 from now on)
Flora O Kiger ~ 1/27/1945
Minnie P Tyrrell ~ 5/11/1945
Leonard Eugene Horton and w/Marion ~ 1/7/1946
E G Semon and w/Ann E ~ 6/11/1946
Western Electric Co ~ 1/27/1955
John D Hart and w/R H ~ 11/24/1959
John D Hart ~ 1/1/1997
John D Hart ~ 1/1/2001
John D Hart ~ 1/1/2005
John D Hart & William David Hart ~ 5/24/2018

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~

The Logan family once lived in this house. They run Logan Heating & Air.

Now the Hart's live here.

more later......
125 & 135 harmon ~ shared driveway.jpg
125 & 135 harmon ~ shared driveway84 viewsblock / lot(s)
1872 / 011 and 012

owner ~ purchase date
Lettie Billings ~ no date listed
R P Newman ~ 2/4/1928
Howard Warden ~ 4/18/1931
J W Horn and w/Pearl ; A G Logan, Jr ~ 2/9/1937 (lot 11 added to 125 harmon and 12 added to 135 harmon)

Originally this was just a lot between the two houses. Eventually it was divided and became part of the properties on either side 125 and 135 Harmon. I listed the owners above for when it was a single lot.

This is one of several shared driveways in Oak Crest. This particular one is "Y" shaped. When I was a child it was gravel. It really has not changed over the years except that it was paved in the 1970's or 80's.
124 harmon.jpg
124 harmon82 viewsyear built 1979

house style:

block / lot(s)
1874 / 034, 035, and 036

owner ~ purchase date
Mrs W T Sprinkle ~ 9/24/1927
J Hugh Davis and w/Helen H ~ 4/25/1946
Billy Gordon Edwards ~ 7/19/1977
Randall P Marchelletta (1/2 int) ~ 9/21/1928 ~ this date makes no sense
Robert A Hedin and w/Carolyn A ~ 8/14/1980
Mark E Welker and w/S S ~ 12/12/1986
? ~ 3/31/1993
? ~ 8/13/1996
? ~ 7/9/1999
David A Cable ~ 2/20/2004
Edward A Kearney & Allison C Kearney ~ 3/17/2008
Wake Houses LLC ~ 3/16/2009

~ Last updated 1/2019 ~

When I was growing up this was just a vacant lot. It was mostly dirt and trees and some overgrowth at the back of the lot. What was interesting is that a small chicken coop sat on the lot.

To us kids in the neighborhood, it was "the clubhouse". My brother, Floyd, (9 years older than me) used to play here as well.

To the best of my memory it was about 8x8 feet. It had a hip roof and a cement floor. It had vertical board siding that was white on the outside and sort of a blue/green on the inside. It had a door on the back side and boarded up windows (no glass) on the other 3 sides. There were cracks between the boards, so you could see if anyone was coming.

It was located about where the right back corner of the house sits now. There was a gate to the back yard next door at 136 Harmon (Mrs Price's house) that was almost in line of the back wall of the clubhouse. Large oak trees surrounded the clubhouse. I remember one very large tree right in front of the door. The center of the lot was clear. I also remember one tree having a basketball hoop.

In my generation it was the guys vs. the girls. The guys would have it for a while until the girls kicked us out. After they had it a while, us guys took it back over.

The guys: Me (Kent Strupe), Eric Siceloff, Gray Cartwright, Jr, Pat & Kevin Bragg, and Steve Rose.

The girls: Candy Scott, Lynn Siceloff, Kathryn Hart, Kelly Turner, and Laura Lackey.

It was really nice having a place like this to play. I will always have fond memories of "the clubhouse".

If anyone reads this that may have photos of it, please contact me. I would love to have a copy to post in the vintage photos section.
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